About ¡UyUyUy!

We are 3 compas (friends) that grew up in the border of USA and Mexico. As fronterizos (frontiersmen) we have had the awesome opportunity to explore two very different cultures. Growing up in a Mexican household we learned that food is one of the most important “love languages” in the Latino culture. We got to enjoy food prepared with all the love and care from our moms, abuelitas (grandmas), and tias (aunties) from authentic recipes their familia has passed down from generation to generation. From mole and chiles en nogada, to agua de horchata and champurrado, our daily lives were always full of flavor.

As we became more health-conscious, we started to look for products that spoke to our heritage and culture, which not only provided the flavors we grew up loving, but also contributed to a healthier lifestyle. We quickly realized this wasn’t available so we decided to create them ourselves, but with our own twist. We didn’t want to be another brand with the same-old chocolate and vanilla flavors; or a brand that buys existing formulas and just slaps their logo on it. We wanted to carefully craft them ourselves with the same “Mexican love” and dedication our abuelita taught us in the kitchen to offer you unique and delicious flavors that will taste “bien rico” and help you live a healthier lifestyle. We personally visited the manufacturing facility and went through hundreds of iterations to create a great balance between flavor and nutritional value.

We are UyUyUy. Made in America with Mexican love.