Made in America with Mexican Love

Our horchata-flavored protein is like no other. All flavor, no bullshit. We didn't just buy a formula and put our logo on it, we carefully crafted a balance of flavor, texture, and smell without compromising quality and nutritional value. Ditch your boring protein powder and try something new.

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  • 20g Protein

    Promote muscle tissue recovery and growth. Our delicious formula packs a whole 20g of protein per scoop without compromising flavor and quality

  • Low Calories

    We wanted to provide a formula that packed a lot of protein but low amount of calories. Each scoop only contains 105 calories. We know calories are a precious commodity in your fitness journey, so we wanted to save you as many as we could!

  • Less than 1g of sugar

    Sugar has proven time and time again to be one of the greatest contributors to inflammation and other undesirable effects, however, it's also delicious. Through careful formulation, we were able to keep the amazing Mexican Horchata flavor with virtually no sugar